Managing Your Grant

Reporting Requirements and Forms

Reporting Requirements and Forms (Six Month/Interim and Final Project Evaluation Form)

The Fund requires that grantees complete a Grant Agreement and Progress Reports including Six Month and Final Reports. These will be submitted online by the due date noted in your Grant Agreement. Please log on to the Grotta on-line application site HERE, using your email and password. This page is called the Application Status Page.

Scroll down to the page to the section: Follow-Up Forms and find the form that needs to be completed. Click on the word, Edit, which will be in blue lettering. This will open up the form for your completion

No reminders will be sent.

These reports enable the Fund to ensure the grant is proceeding toward the goals and objectives as approved based upon your proposal or revised submission. We request that your reports explain in detail the activities, accomplishments and difficulties that have occurred. These reports should be used to help improve project implementation. We encourage you to share these reports with others in your organization and partnering agencies.

Since reports will be shared with our Council members, please share what you have learned about grant progress toward the targeted project goals and objectives and specific and measureable outcomes. Tell about specific activities and dollars (funders, agency’s and other contributors).

In addition, Grotta encourages our grantees to share results and lessons learned from the project, not only with Grotta as funder but also with other funders and organizations that are striving to address similar issues and challenges of seniors. Please keep us abreast of presentations, publicity and publications regarding the grant, both locally or nationally.